My name is Stefan Falke, I am a German photographer living in New York.

I created this website for my long-term project ‘LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US Mexican Border’  to show my documentation of the abundant cultural activities in a region portrayed by the international media mostly with the sole focus on violent crimes.

I traveled (in sections) along the entire length of the 2000 miles border and photographed painters, photographers, musicians, writers, architects etc … mostly but not exclusively on the Mexican side of the border.

I visited and photograhped 180 artists in all major Mexican cities along the border and also a few on the US side. I started the project and photographing artists in Tijuana in 2008.

The cities I visited were Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, Agua Prieta (briefly), Ciudad Juarez, Nuevos Laredo, Reynosa, and Matamoros. I also photographed artists in San Diego, Brownsville, McAllen and El Paso on the US side of the border.

At first I funded the project personally until I ran out of money. The continuation  of the work was made possible by a grant from the German foundation Das Kulturwerk der VG BILD-KUNST and  a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo in 2012.

Much more funding is needed in the near future for the next step, the building of a bi-lingual and inter-active website. My hope is that I can continue photographing artists on both sides of the border and possibly connect them all on the website.

Meanwhile a book about my La Frontera project was just published in Germany (see photo), I am currently looking for a publisher in the US.

And I am happy to announce my exhibition of La Frontera at PHOTOVILLE 2014 in New York September 18-28 !!

More information here  :)

Please also visit the project’s facebook page:


About me:

I have photographed many reportages and portraits for international magazines in addition to my work as a movie set photographer. I travel extensively for my assignments and I am still glad that I gave up my studies as an engineer way back to become a photographer.

I just LOVE photography.

My last long term project “MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits Of Trinidad” resulted in a 216 page photo book published by Pointed Leaf Press in New York; the photos were shown as part of the official selection at the photojournalism festival ‘Visa Pour L’image’ in Perpignan/France and were published in countless magazines around the world.

Please go to my website www.stefanfalke.com for references.

My work is represented and distributed by the German photo agency laif (www.laif.de) with partner agencies (like REDUX Pictures in New York) worldwide.
Stefan Falke Photography, 159 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
stefanfalke@mac.com www.stefanfalke.com  tel (+1) 917 – 214 9029


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