Daniel Maldonado


Painter Daniel Maldonado teaches art classes at his house near the University of Texas at Brownsville.


  • Hello Danial, I have managed to buy two of your paintings from a second hand shop. I would like to buy some of your paintings for my house, and to promote some more of your paintings. I like the tight painting of blue bonnets with trees, and with a church, house or barn. I think your are a great artist. I have a place to display your art, and would like to promote you here in Dallas Texas. My E-mail address is gogene@hotmail.com My phone number is 972-4819751 Sincerely Gene Golden. Thank you for your time.


  • Daniel, you do a wonderful job of capturing the Rio Grande turkey in the Texas Countryside. I have found one of your paintings, but would certainly like to acquire more. May I please here from you concerning the availability of your art? Ronald


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