Gladys Lopez Peña

Gladys Lopez Pena_075-2a

Artist Gladys Lopez Peña also works as a psychological therapist in her studio in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

“What is the essence of your life as a border artist?”

“Living in the frontier is like living all your senses at their top. Here you can find a child’s laughter and the mother’s fear of a lost child.

It’s the speed of the wheels that never stop running and the stress of feeling followed everywhere you go.

It’s the moment that you have to gain strength, hope and specially faith.

It’s being the one who feels left behind and unprotected.

It’s the promised rider.

Living in the frontier is the euphoria of finding an old friend.

It’s going back with your family and feeling protected.

It’s when you see a promised world a few steps away from you.

It’s the desire of escaping to a quiet place.

It’s screaming and expressing with colors and forms what’s not allowed to show.

It’s trying to comfort somebody else, it’s setting your soul free from the pain. It’s an intense fight for keeping what is still with you.

It’s believing that there’s a purpose in everything you have been through in your life.”

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