Angel Cabrales


Artist Angel Cabrales takes border defense to the extreme with personal drones, home edition Patriot missile launchers and Flan tipped bombs in El Paso, Texas.

Q: What is the essence of your life as a border artist?

A: “My life as an artist on the Border is to not only to heighten awareness of the subject matter of the work through disturbingly consumable and uncomfortably familiar formats, but to create discourse where most would rather be entertained.

I examine the dehumanization of people through the marketing and “spin” that we are subjected to in our everyday lives. My sculptures, digital images and mixed media installations blur the lines of what are acceptable societal norms and capitalize on global warming, natural disasters, immigration, financial disarray, homegrown and international terrorism, and war as money making opportunities in a commercial-centric society. In an era where the masses are looked upon as “consumers” rather than citizens, I have discovered that the best way to skirt laws is to redefine them. The work exploits commercialism and industrial design by placing these issues in an appetizing “product” package for the masses to consume. The creation and engineering of this “merchandise” is not just an artistic presentation: it is an invitation to incorporate the viewer and make them a larger part of the work itself, creating an interactive experience that merges a passion for the arts with the social and political concerns of today.

I view everything as an artistic resource and utilize this philosophy in all of my creations. Using my extensive experience with a variety of mediums and styles, to the intangibles, such as upbringing and ideas, my work grows, evolves and expands with the requirements presented from each new art piece. The artwork’s concept ultimately dictates the medium needed for its creation, so artistic evolution is intrinsic in my artistic philosophy. It is my hope to carry this artistic view to the border and create thoughtful and productive discussions.”

-Angel Cabrales

See more of his explosive art at:









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