Fernando Mendez Corona

Fernando Méndez Corona studied painting at Mexico’s National Institute for Fine Arts in Mexicali before specializing in the human figure at Pratt in Seattle. He has exhibited throughout North America, and has recently completed murals in Costa Rica, Berlin, New Mexico, Mexicali, and Tijuana, among other places. He is also one of the two architects of the Mexicali Rose movement in Mexicali (together with Marco Vera).


Fernando Méndez Corona: “I was born in Mexicali, Baja California, where I did some graffiti at a really young age and spend some time studying art, as well as in Seattle, Washington, in the 90’s; from there I went back to Mexicali and started teaching art history and painting at the university. I think that in the times we live in it is essential that artists have a part in the education, the social and even the politics in the community as well as globaly ,so keeping that in mind I was fortunate enough to find out about Mexicali Rose since it started about 7 years ago and started this community based and independently oriented collaborations there and in others projects like Fronteras Mexico and Reco. I also think that the border at least in my work is intrinsic, my generation didn’t have or didn’t want to address the border issue so literal as subject matter, I guess is more discreet, more in little details. Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to be travelling all over (the world) and doing art shows and murals, New York, Berlin, Washington DC, Mexico City, Paris, London, Central America … and that is also something that I guess shows in my recent work.”



“My intention is not to be pinned so easily to a particular style. I don’t believe much in style, I strongly think that each work can be as different in media or in subject as it can be. I love to find the peculiar in the globalized world we live in and try to give it notice with the artwork, I believe in radical localism.”

Links: facebook/fernandomendezcorona        instagram/fernandomendezcorona



All photos 2016/17 © Stefan Falke  



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