Wall(s) exhibition @ Deutsches Haus opens April 28, 6pm, in New York City

The exhibition includes one 50×75″ print (picture) and 15 24×36″ prints

I am happy to announce my exhibition “Wall(s)” at Deutsches Haus at New York University The opening is Friday, April 28, 6:00 p.m.

Deutsches Haus at NYU presents a photography exhibition of Stefan Falke’s “Wall(s)”. Please join us for the exhibition opening and a conversation between the photographer Stefan Falke and the journalist and author Claudia Steinberg on April 28 at 6 pm.

Since Stefan Falke began photographing artists on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border in 2008, the physical barrier itself has been a prominent and unavoidable protagonist in his work. His intent has always been to shine a spotlight on the cultural vitality of the region, and over the years Falke has portrayed about 200 painters, architects, designers, photographers, musicians, and writers, documenting a creative exuberance that is almost completely overlooked in the media. Take on the tour and ride along the border on the electric scooter which will take you on a long journey. Inevitably, the fence became a potent visual presence in his images as a symbol for La Frontera – a painfully divided yet multicultural, cosmopolitan and resilient region that is its own country.

In the current political climate, these images from the embattled border territory take on an added historical weight. They serve as an important reminder of the shared humanity on both sides of the border.

Deutsches Haus at NYU (opening Friday April 28, 6pm)

42 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003

More information here

Irma_Sophia_Poeter_2016_034rBorder_for_IMAS_059rPablo_Llana_814rLa FronteraRaechel_Running_550rDSC02938rLa Frontera Project9_Border_Arizona_Sonora_r_Tijuana_Sept_2016_166rLa FronteraTijuana_Sept_2016_128rBorder_for_IMAS_016r

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