This ongoing project is self funded but large parts were supported  by a grant from German ‘Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG BILD-KUNST‘ ( and two online funding campaigns on the crowd funding platform Indiegogo in 2012 (here) and 2016 (here).

Individual funders list:

Super duper special funder:  Sandra Melot (France)

Super special funders:  Glenorchy Campbell (USA), Thomas Buckner (USA), Anne Geringer (Germany), Mark Bartlett and Sue Hunter (USA), Christine E. Merrick (USA), Barbara Ernzerhoff-Snow (USA), Maria and Fritz Förster (Germany), Bernhard Willig (Germany), Anneliese Noebel (Germany), Dirk Anschütz (USA), Joerg Glaescher (Germany),

Super funders:  Will Sauer (Germany), Andrew Reynolds (USA), Steffen Asshauer (Germany), Runar Holen (USA), Paloma Patterson (USA), Madeleine Amberger (USA), Patti Fox (USA), Harry Ofgang (USA), Frank Nicolo (USA), Eckhard Kuchenbecker (Germany), Joerg Widmer (Germany), Alec Melman (USA), Sandra Hawkins (USA), Andreas Herzau (Germany), Ulrich Huntgeburth (Germany), Pepermuntjes Knipper (Holland), Charlotte Mendelaar (USA), Barbara Nitke (USA), Hannes Ullmann (Germany), Jill Holslin (USA), Ana Teresa Fernandez (USA), Jason Florio (USA), Emily Shannon (USA), Barbara Epler (USA), Claudia Tebel-Nagy (USA), Reimund Willig (Germany), Roswitha Menke (Germany), David Jordano (USA), Tohmas Elmlund (USA), Neil Binkley (USA), Kenneth Gordon (USA), Barbara Hoffmeister and Lothar Pelz (Germany), Emmanuel Aubry (France), Claire Tancons (USA), Maryann Macdonald (USA), Maria Nunes (Trinidad & Tobago !), Klaus Kamphausen (Germany), Jessica Bal (USA), Barbara Rick (USA), Harald Rumpf (Germany), Mark Lovell (Germany), Greg Notch (USA), Colin Leinster (USA), Claudia Hehr (USA), James Hanna (USA), Alex Rosero (USA), Andreas Sterzing (England), Carl Rifino (USA), Martin Stahl (Germany), Cecilia Aiello (USA), Dewayne Holman (USA), Abe Frajndlich (USA).

+ 16 individual funders who like to stay anonymous 🙂

A big Thank You to all participating artists who let me into your studios, homes, and lives !! It was an enormously interesting journey and your kindness and generosity was making me feel very much at home anywhere I went.

I am hoping to be able to continue the work and fill this website with many more talents of all disciplines from the US Mexican border in the future.

Thank you all,

Stefan Falke, Brooklyn, April 2013.

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