Veronica Jaeger

LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US Mexican Border

Painter Veronica Jaeger at her studio in McAllen, Texas.

“What is the essence of your life as a border artist?”

“I see the essence of my work as a domestic and very personal reaction to what happens on the edge of Texas / Mexico. It could identify my work as part of the surrealist movement or pop-surrealist”.

“Veo la esencia de mi trabajo como una reaccion interna y muy personal a lo que sucede en el borde de Texas/Mexico. Podria identificar mi obra como parte del movimiento surrealista o pop-surrealista”.





  • I have so often been told about the vacuum of visual art, dance, music in the RGV, and I don’t agree there is a lack of art, nor do I believe there is a lack of audience, but there is a lack of meeting between the public and professional worlds with these artists, to offer them more regular work. I will try to follow this page on my facebook page which aims to bring together those who appreciate and practice different artforms in the hopes of making more connections. I have thought that the border should be a place where both blending and clash of cultures are expressed through art. This should be a hotbed of unique expressions of everything from culture and community to politics. I am finding it….slowly I am discovering it, and I hope I can uncover it to the public that would be expanded by these experiences of art, rather than only those who are connected through philanthropy or university, Thank you for sharing here.


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