New Photos of La Frontera exhibition in Tijuana 2016


LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US Mexican Border by Stefan Falke on the border fence in Tijuana at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. The exhibition is hosted by Festival Tijuana Interzona 2016.

Photos of exhibition: Luis Camarena for Stefan Falke

In photos: Mely Barragan (Tijuana), Daniel Watman (Tijuana), Ariana Escudero (Tijuana), Alvaro Blancarte Osuna (Tecate), Siki Carpio (Tijuana), Taller Yonke (Nogales), Colectivo Jellyfish (Ciudad Juarez), Ana Morfismo (Ciudad Juarez), Pablo Llana (Tijuana), Pablo Castañeda (Mexicali), Mark Clark (Brownsville), Peter Svarzbein (El Paso), Alonso Delgadillo (Tijuana), Tochiro Gallegos (Reynosa), Alfredo Gutierrez (Tijuana, Mexico City), Leobardo Sarabia (Tijuana), Raechel Running (Agua Prieta).

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  • Great pictures,I was there in TJ, and saw this for the first time love it all art is so great, I grow up in Tijuana it has been my home town , and I alguien sabe Arriba la Pancho Villa!!


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