Alonso Delgadillo

Alonso Delgadillo has painted many murals in and around Tijuana. He likes them best when they age and get taken over by nature. More of his work:

Alonso, what is the essence of your life as a border artist?
“Border life is a daily emotional stimulus that drives me to tell my stories. I like to know that the place where I live breaks many stereotypes about the ways of living in cities. Tijuana is aggressive and hospitable at the same time; I like being in a city that forces me to reinvent myself again and again. What works today may need to be changed tomorrow.
I like to paint things in the streets, take pictures of them and upload them to the internet, so that the world may know something of Tijuana through my paintings.”

Alonso, cual es la esencia de tu vida como artista fronterizo?
“La vida fronteriza es un estímulo de emociones a diario que me impulsa a contar mis historias. Me gusta mucho saber que el lugar donde vivo rompe muchos estereotipos de los modos de vivir en otras ciudades. Tijuana es agresiva y hospitalaria a la vez, me gusta estar en una ciudad que me obliga a reinventarme una y otra vez. Lo que me funciona ahorita sé que mañana tendrá que cambiar.Me gusta pintar cosas en las calles, tomarles fotografías y subirlas a internet, para que el mundo conozca algo de Tijuana a través de mis pinturas.”

Artist Alonso Delgadillo in Tijuana © Stefan Falke

Photos and video © Stefan Falke /

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