Peter Svarzbein

2019: Photographer and elected official Peter Svarzbein at the trolley depot in El Paso.                All photos © Stefan Falke

This is one of the most amazing success stories from the border:

Peter Svarzbein and the El Paso Transnational Trolley Project.

Svarzbein, a photographer – also a City Representative for District 1 in El Paso – created an art project around the defunct trolley that used to connect El Paso and it’s sister city Juarez until 1974. The trolley has since been ‘parked’ in the desert near the airport until Peter’s project resulted in a $97 million state grant for a trolley route in his city using the Original Streetcars !! After a few years of work on the streetcars and the new route the line is now fully functioning. The trolley is not crossing the border (yet?) but connects downtown with other parts of El Paso, like the UTEP campus.

See more images of Peter and the trolley in 2013:

2013: Photographer Peter Svarzbein with the old trolley in the desert near the airport of El Paso, Texas.
2019: Photographer and politician Peter Svarzbein with the restored trolley in El Paso.





All photos © Stefan Falke


No use of images without written permission by the author.





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