Thank You El Paso

I am so proud (!!) of the UTEP students who designed the exhibition “The Border That Does Not Divide: Artists and Art Along La Frontera” at the wonderful UT-El Paso Centennial Museum.

The exhibition was designed by UTEP’s Exhibition Practices Class and features some of my portraits of artists who are living on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border, as well as artwork by some of the featured artists.

It will be on display from April 25th, 2019-July 6th, 2019.

“The exhibition hopes to challenge pre-conceived notions of life along the border region by personifying artwork by border artists.“

A big Thank You to the students: Scott Blumanhourst, Carolyn Bulloch, Jessica Castro, Clarissa Escajeda, Jessica Esquivel, Juan Antonio Romo, Javier Segovia, Joshua Smith, their professor Dr. Elisabeth Sommer, The Centennial Museum, Kerry Doyle – the director of the Stanley and Gerald Rubin Center – and the UTEP art department.

I am also very grateful to UTEP President Diana Natalicio for attending the opening and spending time with the students and myself, and to see my friends Julian Cardona, Erica Marin,  Monica Lozano, Peter Svarzbein, Angel Cabrales and Kerry Doyle there !

My portraits of these artists are shown in the exhibition:

Rexito Maraña (Juarez), Jellyfish Colectivo (Juarez), Eduardo Sanchez (Juarez), Angel Cabrales (El Paso), Ana Morfismo (Juarez), Carlos Juan Avila Felix and Alejandro Neave of Sistemas Vocales (Juarez), Glenn Weyant (Tuscon, AZ), Werc (El Paso/New York), Erica Marin (El Paso), Perla De La Rosa (Juarez), Gaspar Enriquez (El Paso), Rigoberto Gonzalez (Harlingen, TX), Antonio Ochoa (Juarez), Michael Chiago (Sells, AZ), Gretchen Baer (Bisbee, AZ), Monica Lozano (El Paso) and Raechel Running (Tuscon, AZ).

Here a few of my – rather unprofessional – iPhone shots from the opening:

2019 © Stefan Falke

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