Lens on the Border


I was invited to take part in the traveling group show LENS ON THE BORDER, organized by Dan Millis, the Borderlands Program Manager of the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter, and curated and designed by Raechel Running (who is also the photographer in my leading LA FRONTERA picture, posing with a bi-national flag at the border fence in Aqua Prieta).

The participating photographers are Bill Hatcher, Alexandra Platt, Krista Schlyer, Dr. Deni Seymour, Jasmine Stevens, Bob Torrez, Raechel Running and myself, Stefan Falke.

(The border artists in my photographs – please scroll down – are painter Nixon Tervine in Mexicali, photographer Tom Kiefer in Ajo, artist Scott Nicol in McAllen, border poet Daniel Watman in Tijuana, watercolor master Michael Chiago in Sells and photographer Raechel Running in Aqua Prieta)

The exhibit is printed in high definition on vinyl banners that can be easily displayed and transported. It has already been on display in three different communities in Minnesota, and in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico as part of the Dia del Jaguar event, and is currently being set up in Bisbee, Arizona at the Bisbee Science Center


All images © by the named photographers \ exhibition by Sierra Club – Grand Canyon Chapter

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La Frontera is a project by www.stefanfalke.com

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